Better Grades
Memory System

In this presentation learn how to unlock the power of your mind and awaken dormant skills to help get better grades.

This is an incredibly fun way to engage students to unleash their potential and help guide focus to the right areas to improve skills and the drive of learning.

How would you like to be able to improve your memory in just minutes?

What would It be like if you could remember ANYTHING like a computer?

Who do YOU know that could benefit from a super memory?

Randy teaches his skills and Brain Builders to help advance your mind to its full potential.

        In an easy to follow and understand lecture that you can start applying in your own life immediately after the lesson.

Learn to store important information for tests and exams.

Learn to create and recall task lists in a flash.

Learn to save dates and times in your head like a computer.

Learning Can Be Fun
Game Show

An interactive and fun way to learn educational topics.

Complete customization of the show means you can make a game out of any subject.

Encourage education with this amazing learning stage presentation.

Incredibly fun learning disguised as a interactive live trivia game.

Class level and School level presentations to make your next lesson or school assembly educational and fun.

This Presentation uses subtle psychology and encourages high paced learning in a amazingly fun format.

Make your next lesson a “Learning Can Be Fun” Game show!!!


(343) 367 – 2273

Dates are available for 2019  but are running out!